Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

when everyone turns into a nerd.

the exams are nearing.
i locked myself up at home to study and prepare.
how i wish this period ends quickly.
but well, studying is actually quite enjoyable.
it's just difficult to get started,
but once i'm in it, it's not that bad.
okay paper's tmr, gotta go muggggggggggggg.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


this is so fucking amazing,
seriously, what the hell man.
its really not hard to believe who are you.
get over it dude, forgive and forget okayyyyyyyyy.
you, are driving me nuts.

eh, hello, all along, it was the same guy okah.
only recently i moved on.

i seriously feel v (-.-")

Saturday, August 15, 2009

turn the record on and wonder what went wrong, it's just a stupid song about you and how i lost you.

one of the worst day of my life, i was really sad and disappointed.
but because the situation was so bad, i managed to put what was learnt over the years to work.
the day was really still bearable.

you don't know me, you must be thinking how did you get to know sucha, uncool bitch.
when disappointment strikes, it brings along more than just that.

i really like you but,
i did my calculations.
you're too different from me, i can't carry on any longer.
i'm not a bitch inside.
so maybe i'll get over you, yeah, that the best, cause you, hurt my pride by judging me as someone i am not, and you don't even know who i am.
turn the record on.
you can save it for her.
i am me, and i can't afford to lose myself again.

If only you knew
What my heart must do for you
I’m tryna break through
Don’t you think it’s worth the chance?
Let’s leave the past
Is that too much to ask?
And where do we stand?
Can we pull through this avalanche?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

why am i pushing myself so hard?

i had a wonderful weekend, didn't have so much fun in along while.
but back to reality, and i'm stuck with piles of work undone.
my head hurts like mad and i really don't feel like going to school.
i'm skipping my tutorials today and going to school at 1.
there are much more photos than these i swear, alot more.

with failing faith, i'm holding on,
only in hopes that you'll find me someday.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


i don't care already.
whtaever it is,
now i wanna scream.

see you really change my mood.
since i'll never understand anyway.
this is the second time you really pissed me off.
__ why must dumb shit like this always happen.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

lost courage and faith, i can't take no more.

i'm sorry i give up easily.
i'm sorry i lost my faith and believe.
i'm sorry i don't have enough courage.
i'm sorry for not living up to expectations.

why is it i feel alone even when there're lots of frieds around me.
it's not like they don't know me and they don't love and care for me.
but why do i feel so cut off.

i feel like breaking down and cry my heart out tonight.
but why does it seem ike the tears aren't falling not matter how hard i'm trying?
i wish i felt better, i wish i could let everything out.
but why can't i?

this feeling is terrible.
it's like you feel like puking but you can't.
i wish i could cut myself up cause it seems like too much responsibility to hold everything together.
so bottled up inside.

you don't know how much impact you have on me.
one lil' thing you do can change my whole day.
i've got so much to say, but it feels like its too much to convey,
and i seem to be unable to put them into words.
and this makes me speechless.
sometimes you get too tired of this world.

tears like diamonds on the floor.